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First Baptist Church of Coalinga
Children's Ministries

FB Coalinga Children's Church


To help parents prepare the hearts and minds of their children between the ages of 3 and 10 to make their decision to claim Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord.

Children's Church is to provide encouragement and spiritual growth for those children who have mad decision for Christ and to present the gospel of Christ to those who have not yet made the decision.  It is to be understood that Children's Church is an outreach ministry and will be adjusted in regards to presentation or structure to meet the needs of the un-saved children who the program is to reach, while never compromising the truth of the Gospel of Christ or the Holy Scriptures.

AWANAS with Le Ann Nelson
Grades K-12
Every Thursday from 6:15 p.m.-8:00 p.m.


Our 'Nursery Center'

Sunday Mornings~ 9:30-12:00
Sunday Evenings~ 6:00-7:00
Tuesdays Evenings~ 6:00-8:00

Other times as needed
  1. What is Noah's Park?
    A place for children/ infants through the age of three.
  2. What do kids do there?
    They learn first hand about our Heavenly Father through the loving example of a team of dedicated volunteers.  They also play, sing, snack , get rocked, watch age appropriate videos (like Veggie Tales!!!), read stories, and learn about Jesus.  They make new friends, and learn how to behave in a social setting with their peers.  They learn through experience and gentle instruction how to share and take turns and basic social skills (ex. please & thank you).
  3. The Mission of Noah's Park...
    To provide parents a safe haven for their children so that they may worship, study and serve Our Lord and Savior with peace of mind.  Parents can not have meaningful study or worship, or concentrate on service if they are concerned about the care of their children are receiving.  That is why we must have a dedicated, loving team of adults (and some youth) to work this ministry.  And this IS a ministry, not just a baby sitting or day care service.  We have the privilege of being the first "outsiders" (out of the home) to show these children the love of Christ.
  4. Why should I leave my precious little one there during Sunday School or Services?
    So that you (and those around you) can focus on the Word you are hearing, the music you are singing, and the Message you are recieving.  It is hard to hear the small still voice of God when you have a little one talking to you or jumping up and down next to you!
  5. What can I expect from Noah's Park?
    You can expect loving care to be given to your child (ren).  You can expect their basic needs to be taken care of:  diaper changes, snacks, personal interaction, and you can expect their safe return to you.  You can expect them to have a lot of fun, learn about God's love and spend time learning ABC's, 123's and singing songs.

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